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State-of-the-Art-Manufacturing Plant

We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and quality control equipment 4 Dies 4 Blows Multi-stage Bolt Machine, CNC lathe to conform the OEM/ODM requirements. Our R&D team utilizes high-end software in fastener design to provide 3-dimensional designs. This software reduces errors in the design process and improves the quality of fasteners. 3-dimensional imaging also enables the customer to better understand the fasteners being designed. 


We produce a full range of screws from p#2 (2.2mm)xL1/4' (6mm) to p1/2'(12mm)xL6' (150mm).

Likewise, we are able to develop and produce any required OEM / ODM parts. Additionally our customers are welcome to bring any designs for OEM, ODM, and customized fasteners to us for development. We are able to fully meet the demands of any customer.


Nano Surface Coating Line

We have our own coating lines to provide corrosion protection coating for fasteners. SKT® Coating is Taiwan Shan Yin's patented nanometer technology which was developed to attain optimum performance in the amid various pollutions and atmospheric conditions that may cause corrosion. SKT Coating can be applied on variety of metals and chemical surfaces to achieve the highest anti-corrosion performance.

  • SKT® Coating is available in customized colors.
  • SKT® Coating is best for ACQ-treated lumber in the building and deck industry. It has superior corrosion-resistance and has passed up to 2500 hours SST and 20 cycles of the Kesternich test.


Passed Tests :

  • Passed ILAC-MRA Laboratory Tests of 2500 hrs SST per ASTM B 117 and 20 cycles Kesternich Test per DIN50018-2.0S requirements.
  • Certified with C4 Quality Testing by the SP Sitac of the European Organization for Technical Approvals in the Sweden.
  • Approved by Michigan State University’s Prestigious National Environmental Protection Laboratory in the USA.


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