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Taiwan Shan Yin Your Total Solution Provider   

Taiwan Shan Yin offers one-stop-shopping services to worldwide customers. In addition to standard screws, we have powerful OEM and ODM capabilities that can design special parts to match your unique specifications. Our R&D Dept. can design via the internet to provide a quick response that satisfies your needs. This not only saves you time, but also reduces development costs by 20%

R&D Capability:
Professional Project Management speeds processes and ensures on-time completion
Project is controlled by computer via internet from idea generation to product launch. Additionally, our Knowledge Management (KM) system collects detailed information to speed up the development process.

Collaborative Design and Concurrent Design
Taiwan Shan Yin constantly uses video chat and internet messaging to maintain real-time communication between its factories in Taiwan and Malaysia. This provides maximum collaboration and facilitates the most efficient dialogue, ensuring that focus is maintained and problems are quickly and efficiently solved.
We also have conferrence call with our customers to discuss issues and provide 3-D models of projects in developments thereby reducing time demands and enabling us to address customer-specific needs with the utmost accuracy.

3D Computer Modelling Drawing
Using AutoCAD software we are able to form advanced simulations, thereby reducing error, and greatly accelerating the speed and accuracy of development process.

Authorized Patent

R & D capabilities